Virus Removal

Strange messages? Social sites hacked? Files missing? You could be infected, I’ll fix you up.

Laptop Repair

Broken keyboard? Cracked screen? Not charging? I can fix it for you or if you decide just to replace it, I can migrate your files to your new one.

Have more fun!

Connect your video game console to your broadband connection for some online gaming fun!

Proper coding

Etherna looks great in all the major browsers, even the older ones. It’s been tested with Ie7, Ie8, Ie9, FireFox3, FireFox4, Chrome, and Opera.

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Attention to details

User-experience often suffers when form is a factor, but not this time. My goal was to make something that I myself would love to use.

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Modern and beautiful

Solid typography and modern, perfect layout. Theese two work together to deliver best possible readability, and make your website a joy to explore.

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Smart and flexible

Containers and columns system will save your time greatly, and will let you focus on the most important part of your website, the content.

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