Fake Antivirus Warnings

Recently I have been seeing a lot of computers which have a program installed on them by many names including: Antivirus 2009 or 2010, XP Antivirus, Antivirus Pro or Antivirus Pro 2010, Windows Security Suite or another one called Spyware Bot. The programs are usually installed when a user clicks on what appears to be a virus warning but is actually a website pop-up advertisement.

These programs load themselves with an offer of a free scan for viruses and are almost impossible to remove unless it is done professionally. Avoid them if at all possible and whatever you do, don’t buy the software they are selling. Not only is it is full of false positives (viruses detected which are not viruses at all or are harmless) but anything they do to your computer will generally set it up for further infection.

If you have fallen victim to this scam and have “purchased” the software, please contact your credit card company or bank and check for fraudulent charges. Once these people have your credit card number they are passed around and the charges start to rack up rather quickly.